Location: California, USA
Keywords: ethical, hosting, provider, privacy, decentralized, saas
About: Allied Social is an ethical hosting business selling privacy-aware decentralized social networking, communications, and data services.
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Description: My.Federated.Social Hub Announcements
Description: Mystery Fiction Lovers
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Description: Special Interest Forum @ My.Federated.Social
Age: 3
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About: Currently identity trust is delegated from an authority from the top down. User Managed Authorization (UMA) is beginning to change that for the individual but there is a lack of a mechanism for developing personal trust networks which may be found to be trustworthy at a higher level.

We are seeking public funding for bottom up evolution of a trustworthy federated identity ecosystem where the rules of  organizations and users participating are all obeyed for there to be any authorization of a transaction thereby eliminating the necessity for anyone to trust any specific entities.
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Location: Milano, Italia
About: Giardino della scuola ad indirizzo steineriano Cometa
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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Description: auuuuuuu
About: Sou uma cadela baiana chamada Lucy...Auuuuuuuuuuuu prazer :)
Description: Information disorder was not enough
Description: Le notizie di Survival International
Description: extra channel for Taz, b/c his theme hosed site functionality on my.fed.soc
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About: translator, hobby hacker-wannabe, artist, musician, runner, cyclist, anarchist, gardner, sk8r
Location: Santiago, Chile
Hometown: Santiago, CL
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Description: Technology geek
Age: 43


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Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Hometown: Veliko Turnovo,Bulgaria
Age: 43
Hometown: Пловдив
About: I am fruitarian: I eat fruit and seeds of plants, including nuts, and also potatoes, as these may reproduce their kind and are given away to the environment; from the fruits I only eat the pulp.

I am aspiring to polyamorous tribal living in the abundant tropical nature with other people alike.

While in civilization, I profess writing out and reading text in a zigzag manner from the bottom up, as I feel and consider this method close to the natural behavior of humans: http://zigzagup.net