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Looking for a guinea pig/first customer

 Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:00:01 -0700 
After several hard years of development, a new platform with Zot (and Diaspora) compatibility is nearing launch. This platform is focused on providing valuable services at commodity cost. Much of the difficulty in getting to the finish line, is in providing the highest quality end-user experience to a general audience.

It takes much less time to get a highly customized experience right for just one 'user'. This is why I am writing today. I am looking for a company to be the first customer. For a modest web design fee, a site will be designed specific to the business/organization's needs. Features will include of course Zot and Diaspora as already mentioned, but also easy ecommerce, and most importantly, whatever is at the top of the business' wish list. We are not trying to sell anyone on a newfangled thing that does more of the same. We are customizing the software to the needs of the business/org. Don't limit your imagination.

We can accommodate many different applications including (but not limited to): customer engagement, customer support, ecommerce, corporate transparency, corporate responsibility, forums, chat, wiki, or marketplace. There are also many additional features that we can only discuss with potential companies under NDA.

We can't accept just any company for this special case. It would have to be a business or organization that is a good fit. They should be someone who already has an idea of the benefits of decentralized social networking, and is looking to launch a new site. We aim to complete the customer's site within 5 weeks (this is negotiable if what is desired is more complicated and would require more time).

Since we understand this is a lot to ask, there will be a referral fee of 15% to whomever brings us the right customer. (business owners can get the referral fee too)

To summarize:
What we're looking for-
- a business/organization that is looking to leverage decentralized social networking to communicate with their customers/constituents on a deeper level OR
    a business/organization that has a technological need that would be enhanced with Zot/Diaspora OR
    a business/organization that specifically does not want a cookie-cutter or centralized web presense

What we will provide-
- First crack at our new software
- customizations for business needs
- 2 years of hosting
- dedicated support

If anyone out there knows of a company that would be a good fit, and has a budget for a site design, please let me know ASAP by private message on Disapora or Hubzilla, or send email.

Keep in mind, you are expected to earn your referral fee. Don't just send blind leads, send someone you've discussed this with.

I should also mention that for legal as well as practical reasons they must be a US-based business or non-profit. In fact, a non-profit might be a great fit so don't overlook them, I just used business as shorthand for business/organization for much of the post.

Please share this post and respond with any questions.

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ (posting in this channel for wide distribution, hope that's ok)
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Hubzilla @ sasiflo
 Wed, 22 Mar 2017 02:39:27 -0700 
Advertising at the support forum? Not an ethical behaviour. And no nothing substantial in your profile area except for stating you are selling ethical somethings. Seems to be not as ethical as stated.
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 Wed, 22 Mar 2017 03:19:42 -0700 
I would've used Channel One except it seems to be defunct. In fact, even the support channel has distribution problems that almost made the post go nowhere. There doesn't seem to be any other way in hubzilla to post something that would get wide distribution. I also would've posted under @habeascodice so you'd know it was me but that handle has connectivity issues with the forums as well so I had to make a new one. Another reason for using a different handle is I wanted to emphasize that this is a legal business entity and not just someone's personal project, or something that is merely aspirational. It is a small business with an ethical source of income.

This may technically be an advertisement but it is more of a request for a first customer, one very special customer, to help support the development process, it's not an open advertisement asking everyone to just buy something. I'm only asking for a referral.